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We are proud to be a part of an active school community where learning and teaching are embraced. We are looking out for a finest collaboration with you in shaping your child’s learning. Get your child admitted to Huda School & Montessori with the following step by step approach.


At Huda, we stress the significance of an education that finds its roots in the spirit and values of Islam. We embark on this responsibility by not only focusing on teaching the values of Islam through our course work but also through our interactions with each other and our extended community. As we persevere to educate well-rounded individuals, our goal is to help our students


Student learning increases when families work as educational partners at home and in the schools. At Huda we thrive on this partnership which is an integral part of our students' and our school's success. We appreciate the role of parents and actively enlist volunteer support, communicate with parents, and welcome their input on the specific learning needs of children.


Along with parent support, community relations are integral part of school success. At Huda, we foster this through our community out-reach programs and partnerships. Huda School serves its students in a building that is shared by other community organizations. In essence, there is a great degree of collaboration and participation with the community members.

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